collingwood kindle

Fear the past…Retired Air Force Colonel Jim Crenshaw’s sister is expanding the family cherry orchard.  Unfortunately, she buys land formerly owned by Detroit’s notorious Purple Gang.  The property comes with an old barn and an old cabin cruiser.  Unknown to anyone, the boat is the scene of seventy year old murder and stuffed with a fortune.  As the restoration begins, the wrong man is hired.  A boat builder, womanizer, cheat and murder, Cole Prestcott will stop at nothing to keep his business, his toys and the many women he loves. With the bank demanding its payments, Cole must act fast. Soon he is left with only one choice, lose everything and return to the life of poverty he came from.  Or, take what he needs.  Only Jim’s sister Sherrie, and her husband Gerry stand in Cole’s way and soon they become pawns in the quest of a mad man to recover the fortune only he sees.  As events accelerate to a climax Jim discovers Sherrie and Gerry are missing and the frantic cries of a terrorized beagle lead Jim’s wife, Eve, into a dark barn from which she doesn’t return.  Time is running out, the police too far away, and Jim’s only hope rests on a dog collar!


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