The Virus Conspiracy begins with one of the two main characters, Jim Crenshaw, fly fishing in the beautiful Au Sable river (or Ausable, depending on your elementary school teacher), on a stretch of water known as the “Holy Waters”.  The river is real, the nic name is real and it is indeed, “Holy Waters”, at least for any fly fisherman worth his or her salt.  The river runs through the amazing Huron National Forest, one of many national forest treasures in the state of Michigan.

The adventure starts in the small town of Mio, again a real place, and accelerates in Grand Rapids (home of our 38th President, Mr. Gerald R. Ford).  The story makes liberal use of Dr. William Beaumont’s reputation as a famous and well respected scientist.  Finally, I touch on the very real problem of fighting viral infections.  There is no magic bullet, nothing approaching the antibiotics that Sir Alexander Fleming pioneered with his discovery of benzylpenicillin in 1928.

For a bit of additional information on each of these topics I’ve added a page.  Click on the link and learn about the beautiful berth place of Trout Unlimited, the unique Huron Forest, Michigan’s great scientist, Dr. William Beaumont and the battle against viral disease pioneered by Sir Alexander Fleming.


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